New for SUYS August 2012: Gilded Bed in 6 Ornate color options

**Edit: SUYS weekend pricing lowered to $L150 and prim count corrected to 10 – sorry for the errors! Can’t swap the images on Flickr – its been a long week**

Want a bed that combines the best of mesh with the best in cozy animated cuddle poses? Look no further – our Spruce Up Your Space offering for August 2012 is the new Gilded Bed in your choice of 6 Ornate bedsheet color options, all with 4 single sleep poses and 8 PG-rated couples animated cuddle poses, at the incredibly low price of only $L150 for SUYS weekend only! And did we mention – its only 10 prims?

Trompe Loeil - Gilded Bed for Spruce Up Your Space August 2012

Trompe Loeil - Gilded Bed for Spruce Up Your Space August 2012

Trompe Loeil - Gilded Bed for Spruce Up Your Space August 2012

Trompe Loeil - Gilded Bed for Spruce Up Your Space August 2012

Trompe Loeil - Gilded Bed for Spruce Up Your Space August 2012

Trompe Loeil - Gilded Bed for Spruce Up Your Space August 2012

If you’re looking for an Adult animated version, don’t worry – we’ll have the Gilded Bed in all 6 Ornate colors set up for you grown-ups on the Marketplace as soon as possible – check here for details, or join our update group inworld!

Meanwhile, check out the display versions and purchase directly at the Trompe Loeil mainstore and take advantage of SUYS prices all weekend!


Garden Bench & Planter in four color options for Spruce Up Your Space!

Its been a while since we’ve participated in the Spruce Up Your Space sale, but we’re thrilled to be back this month with a lovely little garden bench and planter set for your outdoor decorating!

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bench and Planter

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bench and Planter

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bench and Planter

Trompe Loeil - Garden Bench and Planter

These matching bench and planter sets are the perfect low-prim mesh addition to your garden, porch or patio. Available in four wood colors, the bench will seat two with 7 animated poses available per seat, and both the bench and planter include removable shadow prims. The planter also includes an optional copy of our popular lighted mesh topiary!

For Spruce Up Your Space weekend (June 30-July 1) these sets are on sale for only $L100 each! Swing in and pick yours up at the sale price while they last!

Handdrawn Sky Island for Spruce Up Your Space weekend!

We took to the skies this month for Spruce Up Your Space, and we hope you’ll love the results!

The Sky Island is full mesh with 100% handdrawn textures, finished with a subtle bake to capture the reflected colors of the included animated skysphere. Created with detailed physics, feel free to walk just about anywhere and utilize each area – the animated pools with two particle waterfalls spilling off into the void, or several grassy nooks perfect for adding your own seating or animations. Makes a great self-contained photo backdrop as well!

The footprint of the Sky Island is 40m x 40m – the footprint of the surrounding skysphere is 64m by 64m.

Included is an animated skysphere crafted in the same handdrawn style, with slowly moving clouds adding to the detail. The skysphere is great for placement in the air, but the Sky Island also looks great as a water build – or use several to fill out a larger water region and attach your own preferred bridges if you wish. Lots of possibilities, and goes great with any surrounding landscaping!

The Sky Island goes on sale inworld on Saturday, March 24 for the Spruce Up Your Space weekend at the great introductory price of $L100 – stop in at Trompe Loeil and grab yours before Monday!

Teleport to the inworld display!

Natural Stone Hot Tub for Spruce Up Your Space this weekend!

We have a beautiful, all-mesh, all-baked Hot Tub with animated water ripples, glowing candles, and both single and couples animated poses for two people – at a great introductory SUYS price only this weekend!



The Natural Stone Hot Tub is great for patio or backyards in any type of landscape. A removable shadow prim makes it easy to use with hardware lighting/shadows on or off. Sized at approximately 8.2m x 8m, simply click the rocks to turn the optional steam effect on and off, or click the water to sit in either position and choose from two single animations or the couples’ cuddle pose. This is a must-see!

Check out the display inworld and pick it up this weekend only for a great SUYS price of only $L100!


Spruce Up Your Space for January with our Lion’s Head Fireplace in mesh!

Happy weekend everyone! And this is Trompe Loeil’s weekend to participate in Spruce Up Your Space, so with no further introduction:


We’re proud to present a super low prim, super flexible mesh fireplace designed to work with whatever style of home you live in! This Lion’s Head Fireplace features all-mesh construction to come in at a breezy 13 prims, and features texture change-on-touch with three fireplace materials (beige plaster, white wood and dark wood – the first two are great for tinting) and three color sets for the vases (I’ve nicknamed them Funky, Rich and Country). Just click the fireplace or the vases to cycle through the options! The fireplace also includes a soft wall/floor shadow prim that’s easily removable if you wish – the entire product is mod/copy, making it easy for you to resize, tint, or change however you like.


The Lion’s Head Fireplace is available for Spruce Up Your Space weekend (right now!) at our sale price of $L100 at Trompe Loeil’s main store only, so swing on in! And don’t forget: this is our last 5 Year Anniversary Sale weekend, so check out our non-mesh items as well for a great 50% off discount while it lasts!