The Ka’u Beach Skybox – brand new all-baked mesh for the Festival of Sin!

>>Update 2/22/12<< Included with your purchase is a no-furniture, no-baked-furniture-shadows version for people that like to decorate from scratch! Two Ka’u Beach Skybox versions plus two extra textures to further modify the bathroom – all for only $L999 until March 3!


The Festival of Sin starts at noon tomorrow, and for the sin of vanity Trompe Loeil has created a fully-baked, semi-furnished, animated mesh home and skybox that is truly ego-boosting!

This stunning home simply must be seen to be believed. Fully-baked mesh, two stories, semi-furnished with animated bed, bath, couch and pool – sit 14 people in the sunken living room and pool without adding a single new piece of furniture! – ten bedroom posters included along with a full-permission template and instructions on how to add your own custom photos, fire bowl, animated ocean effect under a hazy full moon…and every bit is baked for ultimate realism and fastest processing, no high hardware settings needed for a fantastic look!


This beautiful new home was designed for the Festival of Sin and is offered at a special low introductory price during the length of the Festival – pick up the Ka’u Beach Skybox for the low price of only $L999 until March 3!

Teleport to the display inworld here!

Purchase on the Marketplace here!

Visit the Festival of Sin for more fantastic items from tons of your favorite designers starting Saturday at noon!


7 responses to “The Ka’u Beach Skybox – brand new all-baked mesh for the Festival of Sin!

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  2. This looks great, the style reminds me of one of one of my favorite skybox homes. It was sold by the shop Mariposa which is closed now. A smallish one room box with wood floors and stone walls but I love it and this looks similar but a huge upgrade!

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